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Important works which have emerged from the talented hands and fertile mind of Allan Mardon while he was in the process of creating the work he is best known for.

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A mighty treatise could be written about the importance of legends in the history of art. Since this is foremost an art book and no an art history publication...

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Probably the most often used image of a creature in art, regardless of culture, is the horse. Horses have captivated artists since our ancient ancestors ...

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Whatever name you give them, and American bison is also known as a buffalo, and many of them comprise a herd of buffaloes. These fascinating creatures ...

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a battle, a massacre & braves

Allan Mardon’s epic painting The Battle of Greasy Grass is his masterpiece to date. Along with Massacre at Sand Creek it anchored his...

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a great & rich society

The artist’s ode and lament for a beautiful and tragically misunderstood culture.

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Allan Mardon

Veteran painter of desert landscapes, horses, buffalo, and the Indians that lived with them. Allan Mardon is best known for his work “The Battle of Greasy Grass,” depicting Custer’s ‘Last Stand’ featured in the permanent collection of the Whitney Gallery of Western Art.